It could happen

Over dinner this week, Dave and I slipped into our regular what-is-this-world-coming-to conversation. We were talking the price of gasoline and how sick we were of hearing about it and why don't they just outlaw Hummers already when Dave pointed out something interesting. One day, probably in the not too distance future, a road trip - the right of passage of college students across America- will be something only the upper class can do.

A whole new world

Dave and I had the absolute pleasure of traveling over the weekend to Fresno to catch my cousin John's acting (and dancing and singing) skills in his Junior High play, Aladdin.
Here's the gang anxiously awaiting the house lights to go down. Notice Dave is keeping a watchful eye on my very sneaky cousin Zak while my grandma and uncle are in complete awe of my camera taking abilities.
This one was taken during the big finale. I believe John is hiding behind the Genie (the gal in blue). Also take note of the magic carpet. Even with out any lines, she managed to steal the show.And here is my cousin John (dead center) posing for the camera. He is in his 3rd of three different costume changes. Good thing Fresno doesn't require parents to make the costumes or John may have been in trouble.

All in all, the show was a major success and John put on a great performance for the family. After the show, Dave and I both agreed that although it may not be a whole new world, Junior High certainly had a different look to it from where were sitting.

nyc overload

We are finally settling back into the normal routine after spending 5 days in the city visiting friends. I say the city because there really isn't another one quite like it. We have been in LA for almost 4 years and no matter how often I tell myself how great the tacos, the weather, the people... did I mention the weather are, I still love the pace and familiarity of New York City. This trip was our fist time back in over a year and I was convinced we would be 'over' it. But alas, a few subway rides later, we were right back into our old routine. The trip was excellent in every way. We brought the great weather with us from LA and we met up with most of our old friends. Over the course of the visit we managed to sneak in a view gallery visits which were well worth the detour. The Tara Donovan Plastic Cup exhibit at Pace Wildenstein was staggering (check my flickr if your curious) and Donald Judd was equally beautiful.After all the dinner parties and brunch meetings we could pack into 5 days (yes on more than one occasion we ate 4 meals in the day), we were quite frankly, pooped. My new black loafers were thoroughly worn from the walking and Dave had drunk enough 'light and sweet' coffee to be caffeinated for weeks to come. On the plane trip back to LA, we both noted that we might need a vacation from our vacation. It seems as though I can add relaxing just after weather on my reasons why to stay in Los Angeles.

That's no Easter bunny

I had the pleasure of spending Easter weekend in NYC this year and while I was wondering down Park Avenue enjoying the tulips I noticed this guy. All he needs are some frilly white socks and he'd fit right in the decor.

all in the family

No need to adjust your monitor. You are not seeing triple. This is in fact a vehicle with count them 1, 2, 3 televisions playing Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. I guess I can't blame them for supplying each kid with a TV. I know when I was that age I didn't like to share either.

them are some good ribs

While at work this weekend, Dave and I decided to make a drive up to Griffith Park. I have to admit that although we live less than 15 driving minutes from the Park and work even less, I had never really been. The Park is quite large housing an observatory, the LA zoo, and Gene Autry Museum. It just so happened that this Saturday it was also playing host to the National Barbeque Championship. That's right Bar Be Que! It wasn't half bad for California either, even though some booths were selling barbeque burritos or barbeque quesidillas. Dave and I decided to go to the booth with the longest line and the most smoke. It turned out to be a great decision. After a short wait we both came away with a plate full of ribs that would have made any Kansas City Barbecue Association carrying card member proud... and the slaw wasn't half bad either.

The votes are in...

...and the people have spoken. My dad, Billy P. Smith has been elected to yet another term on the Tarkio R-1 School Board.
Way to go Dad!
I guess the people of Tarkio have verified what the family has known all along. If you want to get the job done right, you better have a Smith on your team.


Weather in LA is a little like the tooth fairy, it doesn't really exist. This is why every time a storm cell is east of Hawaii the local weathermen nearly have a heart attack. All weekend long they forecasted "THE STORM". It was coming and even worse...during our Monday morning commute! They even had the guts to issue a flash flood warning. Yes, it did rain yesterday, and the morning commute was a mess. But last night when the rainfall numbers were posted I fell onto the floor rolling with laughter after I saw the highest quantity was .09". Are they serious? A flash flood warning for under a tenth of an inch. I could have spit and created more moisture. Even better, the weatherman in his glory of actually correctly predicting a drop of water decided to extend the warning. We awoke this morning to more rain, and I smiled with the thought of maybe 2 tenths of rainfall. I guess I shouldn't have smiled because it wasn't long before that 2 tenths of an inch decided to make its presence known......

Jack, Kobe and me

Yes, I said Jack, Kobe, and me! Sunday I had the amazing opportunity of watching the LA Lakers play the Houston Rockets from the floor and I am not talking about my living room floor either, but the floor of the Staples Center, courtside seats.

And let me just say these seats were quite comfortable. As my mom said, "It must of been kind of like sitting on the bench" but in Tarkio the bench was steel and at the Staples Center the bench is a leather lounge chair with complimentary waiter. Tim (my manager at the office) and I of course arrived early to the game with the hopes of seeing a bit of warm ups, but we had a hard time actually finding our way to the seats. Turns out if you pay a lot of money for seats it doesn't mean a usher shows you where you are seated. Instead you get the players experience of wondering through the back workings of the arena. When we finally got onto the court, we were exiting through the tunnel the players use and luckily just before they started announcing.

Our seats were fantastically placed half way through the scorers' table and the opposing bench. We weren't sitting there long before Jack Nicholson came trotting in front of us. I nearly fell over when he sat down one open seat away from me. He looked at me. I looked at him. I thought about making a joke but of course said NOTHING. As they announced the Laker starting five, each one came over to him and gave a high five or some other props. I guess if your a star like Jack and get yourself kicked out of a Laker Game you garner a little extra attention.

At last the game was starting and the Announcer said "Are you REEAAAAAAAADY??" Jack turned to me, smiled a smile I thought he reserved only for Helen Hunt and said "I don't know if I am."

My thought's exactly Jack. My thought's exactly.

david and DAVID

Saturday we went to check out the Anish Kapoor exhibit at Regent Projects in West Hollywood. If you haven't seen any of his work, he creates amazing illusions with mirror sculptures. The most famous piece being recently installed at Chicago's Millennium Park. We had heard many wonderful things about the show from friends and just happened to bump into a few there...and I'm not speaking about the larger, fuller, rounder David we saw.