red and white make.....

Do not adjust your monitor. What you are witnessing is the coolest parking lot this side of the Mississippi. Our office landlord decided to repave the parking lot and in a bold move we suggested to go with pink striping instead of the standard white. I believe the landlord's response was something like:

"We only have red or white paint"
and our response was something like:
"Hmm. Why don't you give them to us and we'll mix them together"

unpacking....6 months later

We FINALLY finished unpacking the office/guest bedroom. To be honest, all the activity was prompted by the purchase of Dave's new desk (many thanks to both sets of parents!). Without it, we very well could have lived with the shoe boxes and hollow core door propped up on our old kitchen table for.... years I'm sure. Anyhoo. It's nice to have another room under our belt and if you are taking score this makes 2 of the 6 spaces not including the dark hole of a basement from whence all boxes came.

an operatic moment

David and I started out the weekend with a trip to see/hear 'The Tristan Project' at the Concert Hall. We both enjoyed the performance, I apparently a little more because I could not stop singing.....DAAAAAAAviiiiidt!....for the rest of the evening. Trust me. Carnegie Hall will be calling.

After such a emotionally taxing event, we played it a little cooler the rest of the weekend with some early morning shopping both days, picking up these quirky prints at the Long Beach antique market. They are just waiting for DAAAAAAAviiiiidt! be hung.

use on display

use on display
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Soon after Dave and I came to an agreement on having some type of open shelving in the kitchen we hit an impasse on what exactly would be on the open shelving. Dave thought it should be less about display and contain more useful items and I preferred it the other way around. What you have here is an attempt at a compromise.

The shelving pictured is to the right of the sink and for the most part contains all the necessary items for our typical breakfast - bowls for cereal, sugar, tea, coffee, the occasional pastry, etc. Breakfast is the meal we routinely eat at home but spend very little time on during the week. The idea is to grab and run..... or sit depending on how many times we (ok I) hit snooze.

trash can dreams

After living with our white plastic Ikea bin (that lost it's lid somewhere between LA and NYC) for 5 long trash filled years, I'm happy to report that we have finally broke down and purchased a new Kitchen trash can. It's a long-lean- stainless trash collecting machine from Simple Human. If you're in the market, I highly recommend it!

hoping for a bumper crop

hoping for a bumper crop
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You are looking at my first solo attempt at gardening in the actual ground as this house is the first place we've had with a real yard in which to plant. And yes, I called my Dad to tell him I expected to see a high yield at the end of the summer.

He said starting with corn plants instead of seeds was cheating.
I told him I got down on my hands and knees and put the plant in the soil.
I guess we're even.