Come sail away..

While you might think this is a homage to the 1992 graduating class of Tarkio High, you would be wrong. Yes, my brother's class song was by Styx but this is about something all together different.

It was a full week in the Freeland family household. One of it's members got a little older.... and wiser. With some yacht rocks playing in the background, we and few friends took a sailing trip out into the Pacific. Surprisingly Captain Larry didn't make anyone walk the plank. Okay fine. There was no plank. But there was one medium size sailing dog. The weather, big sails and open water made for an amazing trip for everyone. And of course the week would be complete without a little renovation time. We did more demo work on the house making an even BIGGER kitchen then we had before. The open space gives you a hint of whats to come.

I guess parachuting is out of the question

I was reminded today at the office that when I wake up tomorrow, I will officially be a greater health risk then I am today. I immediately made a mental note to be extra careful in the morning on the way to the bathroom for fear of tripping over any boxes and breaking my frail... brittle...bones.

2hrs and 50 degrees later....

Who knew it snowed in October? After living in LA for more than just a few years, Dave and I were pleasantly surprised when we arrived in Denver Friday night to a soft blanket of snow. Luckily our rental car survived the trek to Boulder and back with very little problems and we had thought to pack coats! We were treated to wonderfully, chilly, sunny weekend. More pictures in flickr.


The new hardwood floors in our house.............

and my feet with a barely there tan line.

Wherein I state the obvious & link a lot

Very soon I am turning an age that I will not mention. This past weekend my brother turned up the heat on that situation by giving me an early present dinner & concert on him. Both were excellent! Thanks again Brett!

We also moved this weekend. No, the house isn't complete and yes we still are without a kitchen but the timing was right and we were ready to become our own landlords. Which means that the broken outlet in the bathroom will need to be fixed by..... David.

And finally, I wanted to show you the latest trick from flickr, which in case you didn't notice is my new best friend. Behold Museumr:

1051 Farnam Update - Make Mr. Miyagi proud.

After 3 weeks of home ownership, this blog is due for an update.

Dave and I have accomplished many things on our new 'project' and a lot still remains to be complete (some things are still just starting). Since our closing date we have torn down and patched up . The chimney has been fixed. The living room woodwork has made its grand appearance. We took a hammer, sawzaw, crowbar and other various tools to the kitchen uncovering some of its past. The entire electrical has been updated. We have dimmers! And finally we had someone come in and hang new ceilings. This past weekend we spent most of our time painting them. With the ceilings done, it finally feels like we are on our way down the big hill of home renovation. More to come soon!