for the love of cheesiness!

Remember when we were in London and I fell in love with scones. Well there is one thing better then a scone, and that is a scone with cheese baked inside. Trust me. Now go make some.

because running a marathon wasn't enough..

As many of you know, we travelled to Utah last weekend so that Dave could compete in the St. George marathon. And many of know you know that Dave didn't just finish the marathon he ran it FAST. 3:26 fast! Given a time like that, you might think that we layed low for the rest of the weekend, but you'd be wrong. After the race (and a short nap), we decided to take in the local sites which amounted to a drive through Zion National Park and a stop in Hurricane (pronounced "hur ih kun" by the locals) for some fresh apple cider. We woke up Sunday with the long drive back to LA in front of us and decided on a quick detour through Snow Canyon because really it was too close to miss. Then after that we decided to take a two lane highway out of St. George looking for something interesting for lunch. We somehow ended up at Kayenta, a small community with some amazing blue corn waffles. Then we realized that we were (relatively) close to a land art piece, Double Negative. We knew vaguely how to get there as Dave had tried unsuccessfully to see it the year we met in a cross country land art tour with some friends. That year, he was in the civic (aka red devil) and the civic wasn't quite up to the road conditions, but we were in the Audi! oh wait.. not an off road vehicle either but we gave it a go.
And it made it!..well most of the way.. we walked the last 1.3 miles across the top of the mesa...for this.