i scream, you scream, we all scream, cream tea!

Molly reminded today me of an occurrence sometime ago that I had failed to share with the internets. Upon our return from London (which by the way I still plan to post photos and highlights of the trip, I, like you, had almost forgotten we had been there!), I was raving, ie whining about not having, the amazing cream teas of English culture. A proper cream tea really cannot be beat, and is composed of both hot tea and a scone with cream and jam. We quickly learned that the jam must always go atop the cream and one must not make a sandwich of it. I'm looking at you McDonalds. We even went so far as to try the cream tea at The Wolseley where I made a complete boob of myself by asking what type of fruit scones they have. Fruit scones are apparently always raison. One may also have afternoon tea, which is a cream tea plus little sandwhiches, and MORE pastries. How this is not considered either dinner or lunch is beyond Dave and I. Well, after a week or so of my mutterings and complainings about lack of creaminess in los angeles, a coworker decided to amuse me with a cream tea at my desk. Behold the photos!

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Molly & George said...

Well, gee willickers! That looks like a proper English tea! Who is this chap or lassie that provided such a scrumptious tea for you? How lovely. BTW, we took Dave's parents to the same tea house in Cambridge a few weekends ago. It was just as lovely (and still only raisins!)