the crowd goes wild

I would say that Cash definitely has selective hearing (and sniffing). When he's tired from playing or in general doesn't want to be bothered he will barely lift his head when a neighbor walks by the house. Other times he's all out crazed. DID YOU JUST DARE TO WALK BY MY HOUSE! So when I awoke to his serious barking in the middle of the night this week, I thought perhaps one of the cats had annoyed him or maybe a cat outside. After more barking and some hard elbows by me, Dave finally got up and went back to his room and told him to quiet down, in not so many words. Dave went back to sleep but Cash kept growling and I couldn't shake a feeling that something must be outside. So I got up and opened our bedroom door and looked down the hallway to the front yard. Standing there not a foot from the house was a coyote. A big coyote! I headed to the door (not to go outside!) to rattle it and hopefully scare him away. At least keep him from eating my blueberries....but he just stared at me. Then slowly he turned to start walking up the street to a roaring applause of dogs barking.