eat your greens

Lately, waiting for the garden to be edible is like watching paint dry. In fact, David said to me the other day that "staring at it will not make it grow faster" Really? Because I thought my stern glare was definitely forcing that corn higher. Specifically I've been waiting for the rhubarb because I have some dishes planned, like pies, cakes, and ice cream, but for the longest time its just been green stalks with a bit of red at the bottom. Granted the stalks are getting very large but 98% still green. Thus when we were in Brooklyn this weekend wandering by a farmer's market and I saw GREEN rhubarb for sale, I was very inquisitive. So I asked the vender, what he clearly thought was a ridiculous question,"Does rhubarb ripen after you pick it?" Duh, No! Then i follow with..."Can you eat green rhubarb?", to which he replies "would I sell it if you couldn't" Okay, fair enough Mr. Farmer's market man. But given that it is Brooklyn, I did some research upon our arrival home and wouldn't you know, some rhubarb is green! Well rather it doesn't ever turn red do to the climate. And with that my friends, Dave and I are tonight enjoying some chx thighs with a nice rhubarb chutney. Yum!