As many of you already know, Dave and I, along with friends Mick and Mike, drove up to Seattle for the holiday weekend. Dave was going for the marathon and the rest of us tagged along for the ride. The 3M's of course provided much needed support along the route by cheering, hollering, clapping and some singing (We will Rock you). We like to think we contributed to the excellent race he ran but it probably had more to do with his sleek tights.

The smith in all of us...

Found inside my cookie at dinner last night

The Trifecta

simply smashing

Dave and I have been without a kitchen for a total of 44 days or one-thousand-fifty-six-hours and that friends is a lot of to-go food. We of course have discovered a handful of fantastic, but unique, restaurants in the area as well as some which don't need to be mentioned. But needless to say we have been anxiously awaiting the day when we can once again savor the sweet aroma of something sauteing over our own stove or be able to basque in the heavenly light of our own refrigerator. That day has finally arrived!

And to quote the 1995 Tarkio High School class song..... "Today is the greatest day I've ever known....."

the things that block the light

This weekend we managed to "almost" wrap up the back bedroom. We will have to have curtains of some sort. But I am careful to call them "curtains" because that scares the male contingency of the family, so we will have drapes or better yet blinds and safer still maybe just some shades.

This ain't Beverly Hills

One thing you do not get if you live in Beverly Hills but you do get in Highland Park (where Dave and I call home) is men knocking at your door at 7am offering to haul away all your junk. Dave and I had (HAD being the key work) plenty of it. Carpet, insulation, paneling, etc... the pile in the backyard was growing daily. But as of noon today it's all gone. Too bad too... I'm sure my Mom would have thoroughly enjoyed seeing it.