1, 2, 3.... 4!

Dave and I turned over another milestone yesterday. 4 years of being bound together. I have to say it seems to get easier with every year, we'll see how long that lasts. :)

We decided to play it low key, opting for dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant,
Farfalla, and a movie to follow, the new Woody Allen flick, Match Point.

Dinner was excellent! We even had a star sighting with Jason Lee from
My Name is Earl popping his head in to see on the wait time for a table. And I highly recommend the movie, no one can really bring a laugh or a shock like Woody.

All in all, #4 left me with a smile and looking forward to #5.

Smith Nail Parlor.. Open for Business

In all my years growing up, I had no idea that a free Manicure & Pedicure was right under my nose. I guess it takes a 4 year old in a fairy dress to bring out my dad's true talents.

santa's helpers

Some kids just never grow up.

an architect's tree

I got this in a forward earlier today and just couldn't resist sharing it.

phone home

Monday I had the opportunity to tour JPL, also known as Jet Propulsion Laboratory, although they don't actually make jets anymore.
JPL for those who don't know, is a NASA funded research facility near Pasadena. Most of the really amazing space news you've heard lately came out of JPL. They created the two rovers that successfully landed on Mars and they created Cassini which flew by Saturn and took pictures of the rings.
The tour covered lots of ground. I saw their facilities, mission control, the mockup mars rover they use to solve problems, and even some live deer roaming the grounds. If you are in California and anywhere near Pasadena, I highly recommend the visit.


Mars with deer


photos for the architecturally motivated type.

..three palm trees

two white trucks.... and a really big drill rig!

back in the saddle

For the past couple of months Dave has been living the good life of the self employed. He makes his own hours, makes his own lunch and sometimes mine if I get home in time. He was living it up! But things have changed....

Yes, that's correct! That's Dave behind the computer here at MMA. We pulled him in to help wrap up before a deadline. It's like old times all over again, us working in the same office. Only this time, no kissing in the elevator.

stealing my thunder

I had a great idea that turned into a brilliant idea . I then of course made the silly mistake of sharing my new found brilliance with one other who took it and masqueraded it as their own.

Now I might not be Zeus or Thor or any of those other thunder gods, but I'm fairly certain I had my thunder stolen and I'm about ready to create some lightnin.