pure country..kind of

Last weekend Dave's parents were in town for a quick visit. We subjected them to the usually routine and took them to our new favorite destination near Los Angeles, Brophy Bros. in Santa Barbara. This place has the freshest fish for miles (my dad even agrees)...and the weekend lunch scene is not to be missed. But we didn't stop there...nope we pulled out all the stops and scheduled a nights stay in nearby Santa Ynez valley which I'll have to agree with the website is 'in the heart of Santa Barbara wine country'. This area is truly the country...and not like Napa or Sonoma either. We had Cash with us (the dog, not the currency) and the wineries were so laid back most ASKED us to bring the dog inside. This is also where the majority of Sideways was filmed for the movie fanatics out there. On Saturday, post lunch we stopped at Foley Estates, Sanford, and Lafond. The latter of which keyed is into Demetria Estates for our single (and favorite) Sunday tasting. Saturday, Dave and I managed to nap/sleep through our dinner reservations (apparently we are older than we realize) but luckily Bradley Ogden's new restaurant, Root 246 had an opening. The restaurant has a full farm to table menu that seriously can not be beet. (ha). A few pictures from the weekend can be found over on the sidebar through the flickr link.