a silver lining

It was incredibly hot this weekend in LA and Dave was incredibly sick BUT we still managed to make the best of it. Sunday we replaced our stolen camera and WOW what a difference the new one makes. Now all of the internets can enjoy Crazy Cash!

time to play!

9 weeks and 1 day later, Cash has been given a clean bill of health from his Doctors at ASG. It has been a very long 9 weeks, but Cash has been trouper and we are so excited to take him out and let him run!

side note: If you live in Los Angeles and have the unlucky fortune of having an injured pet TAKE THEM TO ASG.

when the going get tough

David and I have had a nasty couple of weeks. It all started with Dave falling asleep at the wheel and we said good buy to our trusty toyota matrix. Then I had a near miss with a erratic motorcycle driver. Then my brother who can not let his little sister out perform him in anything added his own drama. And THEN Sunday we wuz robbed! Oh and did I mention my in-laws were in town and they were robbed too.

...so we decided that a present was in order for our fragile emotional selves. I would take a better photo but they nabbed our digital camera.