P is for..

David and I got word last week from the state of California that we had PASSED the structures exam. Next up lateral forces. sooooo exciting!

...on the 134 freeway

Sometime Sunday between icing the molasses spice cake and eating el pastor tacos I misplaced my wallet. Although this is a common occurrence, it is not something that has happened in quite sometime. I thought maybe now that I was in-my-thirties, I had outgrown the habit, and like usual I assume/ed it was at home under perhaps a pillow or the paper. Monday and Tuesday Dave gave me some cash to buy lunch and the necessary morning coffee. Why would I need my wallet for any else? For instance I would Definitely Not Need my wallet to say pay for gas if the car was on empty. Nope. Definitely not for that.

dark side of the moon

Friday the office had an exhibit opening at sci-arc in downtown LA. That's me in the green, experiencing the lighter side of the moon. Photo courtesy of Jessica.