and it's only Tuesday

Apparently misery loves company because not only are Dave and I enduring triple digit heats, smoke from the "fire of the century', but we've also put our oven to some back breaking tests this week thus raising the temperature INSIDE the house to a balmy 98 degrees. oof. Now some of you know that we've started taking our eating habits seriously this year, but we've also taken our cooking to new levels, sticking to from scratch recipes with fresh ingredients when possible. We recently instigated Suppers with the Freelands in an effort to socialize more often and share our new love of all things yummy. This week is the inaugural Supper (tomorrow night to be exact) and while I thought the menu for the week planned including the Supper was appealing yet not overly taxing. I think I misjudged. Below is a list of what's come out of the oven or off the stove top since Saturday.

Tomato Rosemary Foccacia
which was quite tasty, Cash can attest as well since he helped himself to half.
Boiled chicken for arugula salad
Our weekly loaf of French Bread
Hake with clams, rice and green beans from Spain cookbook
15 cups of chicken stock
Braised 5lb chicken for Rilletes-Day 1 (Supper dinner)
Duck fried rice and miso soup with tofu.
Sauteed shredded chicken for Rilletes - Day 2 (Supper dinner)..this better be worth it.
Chicken enchiladas with Ancho chile sauce, black beans and spanish rice from Mexico cookbook
Lemon greek yogurt ice cream (Supper dinner) Yes it was baked and a slight variation on the recipe linked. We added 1/3c lemon juice and substituted some honey for sugar. As a custard it tastes amazing and can't wait to try it frozen.