Today we met with the notary and signed the loan documents. I have to say you haven't really lived until you've signed your life away with a .99 cent bic pen.
We also met to do our final walk-thru of the property and upon this final inspection we discovered something that made us really, really excited. It turns out all the built-ins are made of a beautiful douglas fir and if you can believe this after 80's of being there they only put ONE coat of paint on it. We can not wait to get in there with a heat gun and start to strip it. We also discovered that the Kitchen has wide plank douglas fir hiding below the rather ugly vinyl flooring. We originally thought the vinyl was adhered directly to the planks but turns out there is plywood between. We just added another project to our list, THE KITCHEN, and it looks like as a result I might get that dishwasher after all!

Putting our education to work

With just a mere week left to the closing of our first home purchase, Dave and I have thoroughly laid out the path (probably not of least resistance) to moving. Between now and then there is a long...long laundry list of items we hope to complete. This image is of the living room before our creative hands get a strangle hold on it and what we have in store.

The Good, The Bad, and The Bag-less

As you might of suspected, they allowed Dave and I through security despite our 70% water weight; although I did give them 'a piece of my mind' about the supposed eminent dangers of bubble bath.

We had a pleasant weekend in upstate New York, even if we didn't bring coats and it was near 50 degrees our whole stay. I am thawing out nicely. We also had a great time playing with Bruce and Liz's English Setter puppy. Tyler is all heart, and stomach. He even managed to work up an appetite for Dave's toothbrush. He was teething so perhaps he thought simply consuming the toothbrush whole would work better than trying to brush. We also played a serious amount of Boggle, hit the bowling alley, took a drive, and ate plenty of dessert. All good.

We really enjoyed our laborless weekend. And what goes perfect with a laborless weekend; a bagless return. Apparently Dave and I weren't the only ones enjoying the holiday. United Airlines also thorough enjoyed the day off.....from delivering baggage.