Today we met with the notary and signed the loan documents. I have to say you haven't really lived until you've signed your life away with a .99 cent bic pen.
We also met to do our final walk-thru of the property and upon this final inspection we discovered something that made us really, really excited. It turns out all the built-ins are made of a beautiful douglas fir and if you can believe this after 80's of being there they only put ONE coat of paint on it. We can not wait to get in there with a heat gun and start to strip it. We also discovered that the Kitchen has wide plank douglas fir hiding below the rather ugly vinyl flooring. We originally thought the vinyl was adhered directly to the planks but turns out there is plywood between. We just added another project to our list, THE KITCHEN, and it looks like as a result I might get that dishwasher after all!

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