Dave and I went to Vegas over the weekend... mainly to celebrate his 30th birthday with friends. But something else happened while we were there too......

Congratulations to Sarah & Brett!
thank you Jaron for the covert video.

Tuesday's mail

beautiful use swap
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Dave can verify that one of my favorite activities of the day is checking the mail. In fact, for my birthday he got me a big shiny new silver mail box complete with my own key....because of course you never know who might want to steal our mail. Usually the mail is 1/2 fliers and random coupons, 3/8ths bills, and 1/8th interesting mail.

Tuesday the ratio was a little better due to a nice big package from my Beautiful Use swap partner. The box was full of lots of goodies which you may feast your eyes on in above photo. My personal favorite are the green 'go ahead' pencils for the architecture drawings. I have more than a few sheets that await they're approval.

Thanks again Jamie!

If at first you don't succeed, try the sale rack.

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Our first day staying at The Parker in Palm Springs, I saw these placemats from a distance and HAD to have them. They were sitting so happy atop the white bistro tables at Norma's Restaurant in the hotel I could hardly stand it. Actually I couldn't stand it, and the next morning at brunch I ask one waiter and then another where I could get them. Completely unsatisfied with their response and frankly used to getting what I REALLY REALLY want, the next morning I asked the hostess and got a similar answer.

"Oh, these?! They were made special for the restaurant."

Imagine my surprise when I saw them listed ON SALE at Apparantly, he made them special for me as well.

In our next feat, Dave will attempt to cut Sergio Garcia in half

As I have mentioned here many times in the past, one of the positives about Los Angeles is the abundance of activities one can experience on any given day. This week held true to that fact.

Saturday Dave and I had an exciting day planned of Laundry, work and grocery shopping. Seriously one for the record books. Around 12:30 Dave shook things up even more with a phone call that went like this:

Dave: "Melanie!"
Me: "What?"
Dave: "Ted has VIP tickets to the Nissan Open at the Riviera this weekend!"
Me: "No! Really! This is so great!"
Dave: "Oh... I don't know how many tickets he has?"
Me: "No! Really? This sucks! Dave are you seriously going? Do you know 5 golfers?"
Dave: "Of course! (nervous laughing)"
Me: "Really? Name 5 players on the tour!"
Dave: "....... (nervous laughing)"
Me: "I'm serious...."
Dave: "Ernie Els"
Me: "One"
Dave: "Raphael Garcia"
Me: "WHO!"
Dave: "Raphael Garcia"
Me: "Dave..... are you serious"
Dave: "AND that guy Sergio"

Danger Zone

The first CD I ever owned was Milli Vanilli Girl You Know It's True. Mom and Dad bought Brett and I non-matching CD players for Christmas, and mine came with MV. You might say I was a little excited about it.

The first concert I ever attended was The Steve Miller Band. I went with a Preacher's son and nearly fell asleep during the encore of Hotel California. Although my appreciation of Steve Miller has depreciated with time, I still have trouble staying awake through a full concert.

And finally, in discussing this post with Dave, he fessed up that the soundtrack from Top Gun was the first tape his allowance bought. Looking back, he should have spent it on an ice cream rather than Ice Man.

mirror mirror.....

In my early years, my wonderful Dad (who I love very much) referred to me as "waddley bottom". Growing up I learned to appreciate shall I say the curves of my back half. Yet somehow in all of that vanity, I never expected to find said curve on the front page of a state universities website.

Exhibit A

If you blink, luckily you might miss it.