Danger Zone

The first CD I ever owned was Milli Vanilli Girl You Know It's True. Mom and Dad bought Brett and I non-matching CD players for Christmas, and mine came with MV. You might say I was a little excited about it.

The first concert I ever attended was The Steve Miller Band. I went with a Preacher's son and nearly fell asleep during the encore of Hotel California. Although my appreciation of Steve Miller has depreciated with time, I still have trouble staying awake through a full concert.

And finally, in discussing this post with Dave, he fessed up that the soundtrack from Top Gun was the first tape his allowance bought. Looking back, he should have spent it on an ice cream rather than Ice Man.

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David said...

my one lament is that soundtrack didn't have 'Great Balls of Fire' or 'She's Lost the Loving Feeling'. but hey, who can't beat kenny loggins at 3g's? goose?