Tomorrow! the White House will officially begin work on a Victory Garden. I have to say that it is incredibly exciting and also a relief to see the white house taking action on healthy eating and living.

Here is a link to the article in the New York Times detailing the garden and the role it will play.

i scream, you scream, we all scream, cream tea!

Molly reminded today me of an occurrence sometime ago that I had failed to share with the internets. Upon our return from London (which by the way I still plan to post photos and highlights of the trip, I, like you, had almost forgotten we had been there!), I was raving, ie whining about not having, the amazing cream teas of English culture. A proper cream tea really cannot be beat, and is composed of both hot tea and a scone with cream and jam. We quickly learned that the jam must always go atop the cream and one must not make a sandwich of it. I'm looking at you McDonalds. We even went so far as to try the cream tea at The Wolseley where I made a complete boob of myself by asking what type of fruit scones they have. Fruit scones are apparently always raison. One may also have afternoon tea, which is a cream tea plus little sandwhiches, and MORE pastries. How this is not considered either dinner or lunch is beyond Dave and I. Well, after a week or so of my mutterings and complainings about lack of creaminess in los angeles, a coworker decided to amuse me with a cream tea at my desk. Behold the photos!

on the edge of your seat you are

Just in case you were wondering, the red onions were the first out of the starting block of seedom. I know this because I have been staring at the wee piles of dirt since planting on Wednesday. Okay not continually... well maybe.

freeland farm update

For my birthday, Dave got me a great book entitled The Urban Homestead. It's a helpful guide on how to make the most of your environment in an urban setting. I highly recommend giving it a read if you are at all inclined to grow, bake, or make something with your surroundings. We have since my birthday and the book steadily increased the amount of baking and cooking we do, such as giving up store bought breads and eating out during the week. We've also started to try our hand and growing more food. For the most part we've been successful, surprising I agree. Currently around the house and yard we have lettuces, basil, parsley, chives, thyme, mint, cherry tomatoes, snap peas, artichokes and rhubarb! We've even managed to keep the blueberry bush alive and happy in southern California and should have some fresh blueberry pancakes to share in the next few weeks.

With that limited success, we've taken the plunge and purchased seeds with the ambition of gorging ourselves on fresh vegetables this summer. I did some research on the seeds and bought them from Seed Savers (in Iowa!). I will warn you that if you go to the site you might find yourself more than a little hungry after reading a few of the descriptions.

This picture gives you a sneak peak of the spread we hope to have growing come summer.

..and here I am planting a few of the little guys who can't go outside just yet. More to come!