Opening time

Skid Row Apartments is wrapping up construction and should be open for occupancy in the next coming weeks. The office had a chance to go and visit today before the big move-in commences and I have to say that given it's tight budget and timeline, it turned out excellent. Of course there were a number of details I would have changed given the chance but overall I think its going to be a great place to live. I have posted a bunch of other photos in my flickr so be sure to check that out as well.

Along those lines....

Jinhua Architecture Park in China although not near completion was recently photographed. You might want to check out this link as well.

A Snail's Pace

Which of the below choices most correctly describes the title of this Blog. The first correct answer wins a super cool free shout out the next time I get around to posting.

A. The growth rate of the cactus that we bought this past Sunday from the Los Angeles Succulent Society Sale (say that fast six times).

B. My rate of movement after waking up all weekend to 80 degree heat....inside our house.

C. The name of a Pasadena store where Dave bought running shoes to train for his first marathon.

D. The rate of postings on this blog lately.

E. All of the above.