I'm very excited to share that there is
knot tying in the Freeland family future.

Congratulations Jon and Diana!
We wish you all the best and couldn't be happier for you both!

the cashew nut

Surprisingly enough we have found its a little difficult to get much done with the nut around.

The C is for Crazy

Don't let the innocent photo fool you. Cash has wee bit of crazy in him. The item on the floor which looks like a rolled up washcloth is actually a rawhide bone and clearly it's something that must be taken seriously. Also note this video is at full speed.

Still recovering

Dave and I are still recovering from the HGTV truck that hit us this week. But while we gather our senses and come down from the paint fumes, please enjoy the imagery below.

Yep, he's a pointer

Meet Cash! our 8 week old english pointer. The video above is from today and if you watch closely you can see him bird pointing! Oh and I've slowed the video to half speed for a little help.

Ready for our closeup

On the left is the fireplace as seen when we viewed the house. We knew then that we'd want to try and strip the wood back to its original finish. Finally after 14 months, its ready to be stained! The plan is to stain it very dark similar to the kitchen floors while the interior shelving and drawer insides will be painted a dark orange/red. We had planned to strip the windows above the fireplace as well but in the end decided that it was better to paint them similar to the wall color.

Hoping for an A

After the excitement of being on television wore off, we realized we had quite a lot of work to do to get ready for the quite a lot of work that would take place. Actually we didn't as much 'realize' as we were told, firmly. What do you think it means if HGTV gives you homework because as it stands currently you're 'before shot' is to rough? That maybe you've procrastinate long enough on your renovation project(s)?

Stay tuned...

As it turns out, January is going to be a big month for the Freelands. Not only will we be adding a puppy to the family, BUT we'll also be making our television debut. HGTV will be coming by next week to give our home renovation progress a major boost! We'll be posting all the details, photos, etc. here next week.

Now if only I could talk Dave into getting cable tv...

..and then our hearts melted into a big ball of goo

Meet Puppy! the newest Freeland member. We're waiting for the official name until after he's home, sometime after January 12th. Although right now we're tossing around a few options musically related... because he's a rock star of course.