Another year down

Dave had his birthday this past weekend and despite inching closer to the big 3 0, he still keeps his youthful appearance! This photo was taken after the UCLA Alumni hockey game which took place on Saturday. I braved the indoor cold to watch the game and Dave decided to show off for his wife scoring 5 goals! WOW. I guess the added year and birthday treats weren't slowin him down.

the Dame in Dench

Last night, I had an evening out with a girlfriend, ie. sans Dave, and took in dinner and a movie. Neither of us were set on our movie selection prior to getting to the theater and when under the gun of the ticket salesman, we chose wisely, Mrs. Henderson Presents. Let me just say that I love movies based in World War II era Britain almost as much as I love British pop. This movie is full of the song and dance routines that make me yearn for my childhood and the summer days of running around the Mule Barn Theater (apparently I'm not the only one). Although I brought down the house as a dancing extra in Gypsy, I was surely and still am more than a stones through away from the Dame. Her performance was fantastic and if you have a hankering for Vaudeville and saucy old Brits, then please, go see it.


I need to congratulate the anonymous Tyler, who correctly guessed the answer to the crossword clue, Agua. Tyler, I'm sorry I don't have a gold medal or a chocolate cupcake with sprinkles to offer but congrats! on being creatively smart.

Also this President's weekend I played around with some scripting and updated my ^ header. Hope you like it.

just when you least expect it

Yesterday, I had the regrettable but probably expected misfortune of leaving my purse at the cafe where I was eating lunch. Now, that statement alone should be enough to get a shaking head from my parents or a slight grin from my brother but it gets worse.

The purse was my black Marc Jacobs purse that I paid way to much for and inside was our new toy, the digital camera. On top of that, Dave had just provided me with my weekly allowance (there is no shame in allowances) and I had our rent check which I had forgotten to mail. As Dave pointed out, the only thing of value that wasn't in that bag was my phone, which I left at home. Now it gets better.

I left the purse at the cafe around 1pm. I didn't realize it was missing until 7pm. By the time we got to the cafe they were near closing and the man behind the counter wasn't too interested in my heartbreaking story. We begged and pleaded for him to 'look around' and after giving in to our cries he went back into the storeroom and came out with 2 items, a black umbrella, and a black purse. My black purse! And yes it had the complete inventory still inside.

The funny thing about this experience is that I wasn't really expecting to get it back, definitely not in its entirety. Why didn't I think that some kind person would find it and return it to the counter? I would have, and the world is full of people who would have done the same. The truth is, just when you least expect it... maybe you should.

bumber sticker

Don't believe everything you think.

Saw this one today turning the corner near our office.

Almost Paradise

This past weekend while the Northeast was getting buried under a couple feet of snow, LA was experiencing unusually warm temperatures. On Sunday, Dave and I along with our friends George and Molly decided to take advantage of the weather and head up the cost a few miles north of Malibu to Paradise Cove. As it turned out, we weren't the only ones with the idea.
We arrived at the restaurant along the beach around 11:30 and there was already an 1 1/2 hr wait. Despite the lure of the red lobsters in the tank and the vibrating lobster they handed us, our stomachs were in no mood to wait it out. We turned to the outside patio where the tables are open-seating or should I say sit-at-your-own-risk-for-fear-of-the-hovering-people-hoping-for-your-seating. Dave did a masterful job of striking up conversation with some over 50 gals and we had our table in no time. The afternoon was saved! and in LA fashion we settled in to enjoy brunch and take in the beach sights.....

Ode to Shortz

Dave and I have developed the nightly routine of working on the NY Times crossword puzzle post dinner. Before you comment, I know, we really are that old. The crossword puzzle in the times can be highly addictive. The editor, Will Shortz, is known for his 'creative' clues and underlying themes. The puzzles get progressively harder throughout the week, meaning if you can answer more than a handful on a Saturday, consider yourself a pro. This week Dave and I were working on a Wednesday puzzle and we read what has to be the more clever of clues I have seen.

It's off the coast of Spain - 4 letters and my only hint to you is it starts with an A.

Good luck.

Too much stuff

Last week, Dave and I decided to have some friends over for dinner mid-week. Being our typical adventuresome selves, we did #5 on the list of things NOT to do when you have dinner guests. We tried out a new recipe. We thought because it was a dessert and not the main course that bending the rule a bit couldn't be that bad. The dessert, chocolate pudding cake goodness with vanilla ice cream on top was a HUGE success. Half way through consumption, I remarked "...And it was sooooo easy, I can't believe it." To which (we'll call her Sherry, to avoid embarrassment) Sherry said "I think even my Dad could do it" This is the point when I told the greatest Dad-in-the-kitchen-story every. Dad, I love you but the truth has to be told.

My father is not the most gifted guy in the kitchen department, and by not gifted I mean totally lacking in any ability to cook something with any heated temperature except for eggs, toast, and of course pop tarts. Given this simple fact, when my mother was away for a period of time when we should have been consuming a meal my Dad served up our favorite dish on the family menu, Too Much Stuff. What is Too Much Stuff you ask? Well let me give you a hint, too much does not refer to a lengthy ingredient list.

Too Much Stuff
1. package Jiffy white cake mix
1/2 cup milk
Blend well
Add more milk if clumps persist
Serve in your favorite cereal bowl and garnish with a spoon.

Now my Dad may not be able to cook up the heavenly chocolate pudding cake we did for our guests, but I have a feeling Too Much Stuff may have been just as big a hit.

The contenders

Well it is that time of year again, when the newspapers fill up with full page movie ads and the dress speculation begins. Oscar time! Being a gal who loves to go to the movies and living within spitting distance of a certain big white letter sign, I of course am always anxiously awaiting the big night. Up to that point, I try to get in as many of the nominated performances and films as humanly possible. This year is no different. Saturday night, thanks to our Netflix account, we took in Junebug, starring Amy Adams in a Supporting Actress role. This is a fantastic movie about a couple living in NYC who return to the husbands small town home in North Carolina. Sound Familiar?

Follow my finger

Please direct your gaze to the lower right of the screen where you will find a new link to my Flickr page where you will find selectively posted images from my daily life. I'm going to try and keep these interesting, updated, and family friendly.


The Terminator

Coming to a job site near you.

Where's David?

Alas... my own tush will never be mistaken with that of an aluminum mannequin.