just when you least expect it

Yesterday, I had the regrettable but probably expected misfortune of leaving my purse at the cafe where I was eating lunch. Now, that statement alone should be enough to get a shaking head from my parents or a slight grin from my brother but it gets worse.

The purse was my black Marc Jacobs purse that I paid way to much for and inside was our new toy, the digital camera. On top of that, Dave had just provided me with my weekly allowance (there is no shame in allowances) and I had our rent check which I had forgotten to mail. As Dave pointed out, the only thing of value that wasn't in that bag was my phone, which I left at home. Now it gets better.

I left the purse at the cafe around 1pm. I didn't realize it was missing until 7pm. By the time we got to the cafe they were near closing and the man behind the counter wasn't too interested in my heartbreaking story. We begged and pleaded for him to 'look around' and after giving in to our cries he went back into the storeroom and came out with 2 items, a black umbrella, and a black purse. My black purse! And yes it had the complete inventory still inside.

The funny thing about this experience is that I wasn't really expecting to get it back, definitely not in its entirety. Why didn't I think that some kind person would find it and return it to the counter? I would have, and the world is full of people who would have done the same. The truth is, just when you least expect it... maybe you should.

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