another one bites the dust...

I finally heard that I passed PreDesign. Fist Pump! That brings me to:

5 passed
1 unknown
3 to take
+ 1 very painful oral exam

Out with a bang

What you are seeing here is the top of our new Palo Verde tree, also the state tree of Arizona. We have been looking for a palo verde for quite some time and finally settled on this particular one because it had pretty blooms and was more importantly on sale. The nursery came on Saturday after the 4th with it in a big 24" box and planted it. (They also tripped our gas earthquake valve but thats a story for another time). Our 4th was otherwise uneventful...that is until Sunday when Dave woke up with swollen eyes. We though it was from all the dirt and dust of planting...but by 5pm he was covered in hives and we were on the way to the ER. After a good dosage of benedryl and other drugs he was relatively less pink and free to go. On the way home we ran through the short list any new things he'd touched, ingested, smelled, etc.. and thus what you may be seeing here may not be here too long.