buying with confidence

One thing that I've never had a problem with is shopping and my father's well worn wallet can attest to that. Window shopping, impulse buying, rack spinning... I am no amateur. As of late I've had to learn the art and skill of buying online. This task masquerades as being simply a variation of the other well known shopping techniques but has proved much more difficult to master. Descriptions are relative to the seller and measuring techniques are as diverse as a city block. On the right in the photo you see a vintage Kimball planter that came surprising exactly as I had a imagined. What is not in this photograph? The other planter where the diameter was confused with its circumference.

its a jungle in there

The wood planter I received for Christmas.....planted.

bookmark me

Recently I discovered this fantastic website Etsy (don't click on that link just yet, let me give it a little introduction). I had been making the usual rounds on the internet looking for items for the house or general inspiration when I came across the site. Simply stated it is a place online to buy homemade items, sort of like a local bizarre. Only unlike a local bizarre where most of the items are doilies or dress outfits for teddy bears, these items are totally usable and most really unique and lovely. Dave bought me my first Etsy product for christmas.
These great little towels that really give the kitchen a lift ( ha!).

And tonight I found this!(now you can click on that link) and find something for yourself.

learning curve

It appears my big brother's (long) hiatus from blogging is finally over and once again the network is congested. Too quote my very first post.....

"it is not when you enter the race but how you finish"

Your last finish left much to be desired.
Let's hope you make some improvements before your next one.

5 years and counting

David and I recently pushed ourselves over the 5 year commitment hurdle and how did we celebrate? We did what any other happily married couple in their (VERY) early thirties would do.

We went to Palm Springs and played croquet... among other things.

new year, new look

I know.
I know.
You are noticing that there isn't an ounce of pink in the new blog scheme. Well Dave hasn't exactly been on board with 'pinking' up the house either, so I thought I would try my hand at another color. I hope your new year is equally adventurous!