do re mi

A nice gal once said...
"Let's start at the very beginning; a very good place to start."

the beginning of this all started with the usual


See there was this list .A mental one where items with little hope to be completed got jotted down.

  • the rsvp left unsent.
  • the un-baked brownies moved from house to house.
  • the car left unwashed.
  • the balls of yarn left unwrapped.
  • the blog to start
  • (abbreviated in the interest of time)

If I were to be honest.. I enjoy it a little. Although the taunting and the downward gaze I don't particularly enjoy. I do take pleasure in prolonging the agony of defeat, and of course the relief of completion!
Isn't it always the wait that is the greatest. All those days leading up to christmas with the packages under the tree... perhaps knowing the contents of some and other being quite unaware of what was inside.

I would like to prolong it..

My ever so 'wise' brother would interject some quote at this point about getting out of the kitchen or saddling up to the horse, to which I would remark elegantly that it is not when you enter the race but how you finish.

Listening to my own advice, I guess I'll be done with it.

The beginning that is.

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Anonymous said...

You need to keep Brett in his place! One thing I always thought helped was to tell him, "#2 Smith, you are #2"