whose sweater is it anyway

I'm a forgetful person or maybe I'm a preoccupied person. Definitely one of the two. Everyday, sometimes every hour I leave something behind. A coffee cup here or highlighter there; the office is a treasure trove of items I've discarded unknowlingly.

This is where I come to my point. If you leave something and forget it and don't recall it for weeks, is the person who finds it obliged to remind you
1. That it is missing.
2. That you did indeed misplace it.
3. Return it.

I have in my possession a discarded item. It has a zipper and red text. It is loved by all but claimed by no one. I wear it, wash it.. I even loaned it out to a friend. I think of it fondly as my own.

Is Miss Manner's going to come after me in my sleep.
Are you going to report me to the ethics council of clothing?

Is there a statue of limitations on unclaimed items of apparel?

I'll bet you one stylish sweater there is.


william said...

sweatshirts are the ruiners of good feelings and happy reunions.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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shad said...

I like your blog... well, I like all both of its entries so far(though your comments seem to be littered with spam... (I wonder if this could be considered spam-- how about I don't leave a link to any other random web page... so you can know that someone was simply passing through, and liked what they read). Keep it up, I look forward to future entries.