Too much stuff

Last week, Dave and I decided to have some friends over for dinner mid-week. Being our typical adventuresome selves, we did #5 on the list of things NOT to do when you have dinner guests. We tried out a new recipe. We thought because it was a dessert and not the main course that bending the rule a bit couldn't be that bad. The dessert, chocolate pudding cake goodness with vanilla ice cream on top was a HUGE success. Half way through consumption, I remarked "...And it was sooooo easy, I can't believe it." To which (we'll call her Sherry, to avoid embarrassment) Sherry said "I think even my Dad could do it" This is the point when I told the greatest Dad-in-the-kitchen-story every. Dad, I love you but the truth has to be told.

My father is not the most gifted guy in the kitchen department, and by not gifted I mean totally lacking in any ability to cook something with any heated temperature except for eggs, toast, and of course pop tarts. Given this simple fact, when my mother was away for a period of time when we should have been consuming a meal my Dad served up our favorite dish on the family menu, Too Much Stuff. What is Too Much Stuff you ask? Well let me give you a hint, too much does not refer to a lengthy ingredient list.

Too Much Stuff
1. package Jiffy white cake mix
1/2 cup milk
Blend well
Add more milk if clumps persist
Serve in your favorite cereal bowl and garnish with a spoon.

Now my Dad may not be able to cook up the heavenly chocolate pudding cake we did for our guests, but I have a feeling Too Much Stuff may have been just as big a hit.

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