the Dame in Dench

Last night, I had an evening out with a girlfriend, ie. sans Dave, and took in dinner and a movie. Neither of us were set on our movie selection prior to getting to the theater and when under the gun of the ticket salesman, we chose wisely, Mrs. Henderson Presents. Let me just say that I love movies based in World War II era Britain almost as much as I love British pop. This movie is full of the song and dance routines that make me yearn for my childhood and the summer days of running around the Mule Barn Theater (apparently I'm not the only one). Although I brought down the house as a dancing extra in Gypsy, I was surely and still am more than a stones through away from the Dame. Her performance was fantastic and if you have a hankering for Vaudeville and saucy old Brits, then please, go see it.

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