If at first you don't succeed, try the sale rack.

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Our first day staying at The Parker in Palm Springs, I saw these placemats from a distance and HAD to have them. They were sitting so happy atop the white bistro tables at Norma's Restaurant in the hotel I could hardly stand it. Actually I couldn't stand it, and the next morning at brunch I ask one waiter and then another where I could get them. Completely unsatisfied with their response and frankly used to getting what I REALLY REALLY want, the next morning I asked the hostess and got a similar answer.

"Oh, these?! They were made special for the restaurant."

Imagine my surprise when I saw them listed ON SALE at www.jonathanadler.com. Apparantly, he made them special for me as well.

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jjjourneyahead said...

melanie...this new fabric at PURL reminded me of your post.