better late than never

Remember when we went to London and Barcelona for three weeks? Yeah me neither, but that's why we took photos! Oh you haven't seen them? Well now you can. I finally got around to picking through all the photos we took on the trip and posted them to flickr. Well not exactly all of them (just London pre and post Barcelona) but no worries, Barcelona is scheduled for tomorrow night. I know. You are on the edge of your seats, especially after seeing these goodies. Click over on the flickr link for the others.

While in London we visited a lot of museums.. ok nearly ALL of the museums because one they were free and two they were warm. This photo is from the newly renovated Saatchi Gallery which is very near Bruce and Liz's flat. What you are looking at is a model of the Guggenheim in NYC modeled out of dog chews. I know, cool. The exhibits were fantastic and I highly recommend the stop if you are in the area.

Our family is always asking for more pictures of us and less pictures of buildings... well how about more pictures of us in buildings!Yes! We agree much more interesting. Lots more of this to come in Barcelona.And one of just Dave because frankly, he's cute.

On our last day of the trip we rented a car and drove to Brighton, an easy day trip from London. Brighton is aptly named as you can see from the photo.

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