Come sail away..

While you might think this is a homage to the 1992 graduating class of Tarkio High, you would be wrong. Yes, my brother's class song was by Styx but this is about something all together different.

It was a full week in the Freeland family household. One of it's members got a little older.... and wiser. With some yacht rocks playing in the background, we and few friends took a sailing trip out into the Pacific. Surprisingly Captain Larry didn't make anyone walk the plank. Okay fine. There was no plank. But there was one medium size sailing dog. The weather, big sails and open water made for an amazing trip for everyone. And of course the week would be complete without a little renovation time. We did more demo work on the house making an even BIGGER kitchen then we had before. The open space gives you a hint of whats to come.

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