nyc overload

We are finally settling back into the normal routine after spending 5 days in the city visiting friends. I say the city because there really isn't another one quite like it. We have been in LA for almost 4 years and no matter how often I tell myself how great the tacos, the weather, the people... did I mention the weather are, I still love the pace and familiarity of New York City. This trip was our fist time back in over a year and I was convinced we would be 'over' it. But alas, a few subway rides later, we were right back into our old routine. The trip was excellent in every way. We brought the great weather with us from LA and we met up with most of our old friends. Over the course of the visit we managed to sneak in a view gallery visits which were well worth the detour. The Tara Donovan Plastic Cup exhibit at Pace Wildenstein was staggering (check my flickr if your curious) and Donald Judd was equally beautiful.After all the dinner parties and brunch meetings we could pack into 5 days (yes on more than one occasion we ate 4 meals in the day), we were quite frankly, pooped. My new black loafers were thoroughly worn from the walking and Dave had drunk enough 'light and sweet' coffee to be caffeinated for weeks to come. On the plane trip back to LA, we both noted that we might need a vacation from our vacation. It seems as though I can add relaxing just after weather on my reasons why to stay in Los Angeles.

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