them are some good ribs

While at work this weekend, Dave and I decided to make a drive up to Griffith Park. I have to admit that although we live less than 15 driving minutes from the Park and work even less, I had never really been. The Park is quite large housing an observatory, the LA zoo, and Gene Autry Museum. It just so happened that this Saturday it was also playing host to the National Barbeque Championship. That's right Bar Be Que! It wasn't half bad for California either, even though some booths were selling barbeque burritos or barbeque quesidillas. Dave and I decided to go to the booth with the longest line and the most smoke. It turned out to be a great decision. After a short wait we both came away with a plate full of ribs that would have made any Kansas City Barbecue Association carrying card member proud... and the slaw wasn't half bad either.

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