Jack, Kobe and me

Yes, I said Jack, Kobe, and me! Sunday I had the amazing opportunity of watching the LA Lakers play the Houston Rockets from the floor and I am not talking about my living room floor either, but the floor of the Staples Center, courtside seats.

And let me just say these seats were quite comfortable. As my mom said, "It must of been kind of like sitting on the bench" but in Tarkio the bench was steel and at the Staples Center the bench is a leather lounge chair with complimentary waiter. Tim (my manager at the office) and I of course arrived early to the game with the hopes of seeing a bit of warm ups, but we had a hard time actually finding our way to the seats. Turns out if you pay a lot of money for seats it doesn't mean a usher shows you where you are seated. Instead you get the players experience of wondering through the back workings of the arena. When we finally got onto the court, we were exiting through the tunnel the players use and luckily just before they started announcing.

Our seats were fantastically placed half way through the scorers' table and the opposing bench. We weren't sitting there long before Jack Nicholson came trotting in front of us. I nearly fell over when he sat down one open seat away from me. He looked at me. I looked at him. I thought about making a joke but of course said NOTHING. As they announced the Laker starting five, each one came over to him and gave a high five or some other props. I guess if your a star like Jack and get yourself kicked out of a Laker Game you garner a little extra attention.

At last the game was starting and the Announcer said "Are you REEAAAAAAAADY??" Jack turned to me, smiled a smile I thought he reserved only for Helen Hunt and said "I don't know if I am."

My thought's exactly Jack. My thought's exactly.

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