2 cats, 1 dog and...

3 lizards!
(if you are keeping track, yes we did at one time have a turtle but released him to a local pond where there was more room to swim and less cats to terrorize)

So. Today I'm in the back yard tending to the garden and I move a pot that's full of water. Under it I see two little worms squirm. Only these worms appear to have a blunt edge on one side. Hmm. I think that perhaps I've just chopped a mighty worm in half with the pot movement. Oh well, onto garden stuff. At which time I notice out of the corner of my eye one of the worms CRAWLING. When I look back down at them, one is looking back at me! EYES! I scream. LITTLE MOUTH MOVING! DAVID!! Yes of course this worm is the size of my pinky but it does have eyes and a mouth and upon closer inspection (by David) legs! It appears the lizard living in our rosemary (whom I will now call Rose) decided to grow her family, by two.

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