inverted and backwards

Now that my hair is a little longer, I regularly keep it out of my face by whatever means possible. I have a lot of hair plain and simple and so this usually means in a messy bun or ponytail, but sometimes I try to be fancy, emphasis on try. I have been known to attempt a braid or two and this is done with about a 20% success rate so when it does go well, I usually post a photo as record of such attempts. As it turns out people do look at photos on flickr and by people I mean more than just my family. In fact, a photo of my braided head resulted in a rather long discussion on a braid forum (yes! there is a forum for braiding! who knew! Maybe I should visit it more often!?). Apparently the people there believed I had stumbled upon a new type of braid. WHAT! (I may get my name in a crossword after all!) One person has affectionately dubbed it 'the mohawk effect' and even made a tutorial on youtube! So now when you bump into someone on the street with a crazy braided head like me, you'll now why.

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