a decade of good eats

From the very start of our relationship Dave and I have enjoyed sharing a table of good food. I do mean the start, our first date was in the Plaza Oak Room (thanks Uncle Allan!) where we both tried our first foie gras. You might say we were hooked, and not just on each other. With that said, here's a list of our more memorable tables from the decade.

Oznots Dish - this jewel was a block from our apartment in NYC. We ate countless meals here and were seriously saddened to hear of its closing in 05.

Uknown restaurant in Chicago - Our friend David Burns set us up for dinner on our 3rd? anniversary. David ordered the skate, or as we now call it.. THE SKATE. It was like butter.

Crepevine Bistro - This was our go-to restaurant in Los Angeles until it was forced to close after a series of kitchen fires. A dessert crepe there, the Moulin, composed of bananas and caramel butter yumminess is easily our favorite sweet of the decade.

The Ledbury - Our anniversary dinner from last year in England. The entire meal was noteworthy, c-note worthy to be exact. It's also where we first found celeriac, which is now growing in our garden.

Deetjen's - We traveled to Big Sur for my birthday one year and on a recommendation went here. I had lamb chops which put all our other lamb chop experiences to shame.

The Hungry Cat - For our anniversary dinner this year, we decided to do a progressive and this was our last stop. It was a good choice as the Surf and Turf (lobster! and goat ragout!) was easily one of the best entrees we've ever tasted.

Izote - It was midnight on our first night in Mexico City and I was pretty sure we were going to be relegated to the vending machine in our hotel. Wrong. Izote is open late (like most places in the city) and is crazy delicious. We even had the ant eggs and loved them.

Starlight Theater - We stumbled onto this gem on the Texas - Mexico border when we drove out to California in 02. After stuffing our selves on meat and potatoes Dave convinced me we had room for desert. It was blueberry cobbler with ice cream and the portion was the size of a small baby. We ate it all AND licked the bowl.

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