Beware! World is smaller than it appears.

Today during a business lunch I felt the world squeeze in around me just a little bit tighter like an old pair of button fly jeans. I was out to lunch with 6 people, 4 of which I had never met before, 3 of which I had a connection indirect or direct . Did you follow that?

The first, a gentleman representative from a lighting company in the California area handed me his business card. His email address was (No, his name is not really John Doe. I'm protecting his privacy. Something I don't do for my own father.) If this point escapes you, I'll help, my brother works for Covad.

The second, a stylish lady from a local lighting designer started talking a little basketball and followed with the fact she went to KU but was originally from St. Louis. Well, well, I am ALSO from Missouri and went to the rival KSU, the lesser known but of course better of the two Kansan schools.

And finally the 3rd, a tag along girl working on a separate project but from the same lighting designer. She spoke very highly of the Aggies. Yes, Texas A&M. Now what is the connection you ask? Well she went to the same foreign exchange program that I went to in a tiny hilltop town in Italy, Castiglion Fiorentino.

This concludes our lesson in Small World Statistics.
Thank you and Good Night.

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