In the still of the night

I realize that sleep patterns can very greatly from person to person, for instance I could sleep through a desert sun or 7.0 magnitude earthquake. Dave on the other is as sensitive to light as a vampire at sunrise. Due to this fact, we have been discussing getting black out shades for our bedroom which is on the east side of the house and hits full daylight brightness at around 6:30am. I had agreed to make a run to Home Depot to pick up them this weekend but that just wasn't quick enough for my sleep deprived husband.

At 1am last night, after finishing up a Kramer vs. Kramer, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Finding all of our darkest, thickest bath towels he covered both the windows head to sill, using thumb tacks to secure them until I was sufficiently convinced that my mother would be aghast if she ever stepped foot in the space. It was definitely darker. It was only after crawling into bed that he realized the yellow light coming from our alarm clock, the green light coming from the smoke detector, and the red glow from our dimmable light switch. After letting out a long exhausted sigh, he said "Well at least the towels will drawn out the roosters."

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