count them... 100 giants

As my boss so eagerly pointed out yesterday morning at 9.35am, "It's clear that summer is now over". I would have to agree.

Dave and I and our trusty sidekick Brennan had quite the time camping in the Sequoia National Forest over the holiday. All meals were provided by the separate tents in the camping tribe and I'm quite proud to report we were the only team to avoid salsa and tortillas as a main ingredient. Our tent was a 2-fer but the three of us fit quite nicely, probably even provided some extra warmth and it was definitely needed. Below is a schedule of events.

Drove to the forest barely missing a fire along the way which closed the freeway both directions. Arrived 3:00pm to an empty site, no sequoias in site. Dinner (tacos) by 6 after a small rafting trip in the river/stream/trickle. Dave and Brennan did their best to disturb nature by moving rocks to create more of a current. After dinner we played some Mafia games. I was mayor, sheriff and mafia. If you haven't played, I highly recommend it. Thanks D Lee for the tip.

Late rise, breakfast (potato tacos) by 10:30am. Blew up the tubes and headed to the
Kern River, still no sightings of big trees (I'm starting to get skeptical). Liquid lunch and into the river we go. Freeze for 2.5 hours in the river and enjoy several butt busting rocks along the way. Back to the camp site to make dinner (pre-prepped steak, fish, beans, and potatoes), small stop over at hot springs hot tub. Early to bed.

Early rise, broke down all equipment and breakfast (egg tacos) by 9am. Off to
100 giants trail, and yes we finally saw some big trees, although we were counting and I'm pretty sure we didn't see 100.

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