the great outdoors?

It is officially the Labor Day weekend, but I am still at my office. And yes, I am going to take the full 3 day holiday. (I usually put in some hours on Saturday).

I have been trying to get Dave to take me to a bed and breakfast or spa or something equally as relaxing. I tried valiantly to get a return trip to Hope Springs scheduled (an amazing little spa in Desert Hot Springs near Palm Springs). I even made a reservation which I had to cancel last Saturday.

Instead we are camping.

Dave said we would be 'car camping'. I quickly asked if that meant we would get to sleep in the car. The statement wasn't met with laughter, although I didn't mean it as a joke. Yes, I did my fair share of sleeping 'outdoors' when I was growing up. But now that I have 2 diplomas and some paychecks under my belt, I feel that a nice soft mattress and hot shower are worth cash. We are of course camping somewhere hundreds of miles away, paying far to much in gas to get there, AND it will be cold. I'm not really a cold person and as a co-worker aptly stated, "spooning will only get you so far."

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