thank you for the amazing spoon

Dave and I are getting ready to head off to Kalamazoo Michigan for a wedding this weekend. We have a brief stop over in Chicago to visit a friend of mine from school and then rental car it out to the middle of the state tomorrow afternoon.

The wedding is a friend of Dave's from UCLA and if the bachelorette was any indication (Brad Pitt made an appearance), it should be quite the party. I am generally looking forward to it.

The one thing about weddings is the gift. I hate giving wedding gifts. You pour over all of the 'lists' only to find that you can only afford some tupperware, a glass, or worse.... sheets. If you spend to much or too little it doesn't matter, they will still send you some hurried, overly long, amazingly ridiculous thank you note. I know. I've written them.


guess said...

i bet your friend from school has a name. . and i bet he has a title. .. .

Anonymous said...

For the record... Travis and I received a silver spoon for a wedding gift. We didn't know what to think of it - but we've affectionately referred to it as the "crack" spoon.

And yes - my thank you note for it was ridiculous.
:) erica smith