life's little questions

It is another sweltering weekend in Los Angeles. Now that Dave and I have cemented our existence in Echo Park, we are feeling the full brunt of the heat. No more cool ocean breezes trace through our house. It is hot! The sticky, please-don't-get-near-me, ice-is-not-cool-enough hot.

Last night we found ourselves in yet another tense conversation where the averageness of our lives becomes painfully clear. Should the fan blow in or out? Should it be on the floor or in the window or (dare I say obvious) directly on the bed blasting cool air right on me.... I mean us. This is the question that plagued our night. Of course Dave had all the scientific reasons for placing it in the other room blowing the other direction. Still we woke up in need of a quick, cold shower.

Tonight onto the toilet paper......should it roll over or under?

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