destiny's child

Every once in a while you come upon a situation that is incredibly hard to work out. You fiddle with it; play out every situation possible and still there seems to be no easy answer. All signs point to Awful.

Dave has been stuck in this funk for quite some time. He's been working at a small office and really enjoys the project but really can't stand the "management". Daily he comes home with some crazy story about their wacky ideas to improve the office. And may I point out that this is not a unique situation. People are leaving faster than you can say "pink slip". On Monday, Dave finally made the hard decision and will officially pack up just in time for the holiday (cheering).

Now both sets of parents are reading this, shaking their head. I suspect my cell will ring in T-minus 3...2... but hold on. Only 3 days into potential unemployment and firms are calling, offering.

Perhaps destiny does wait for one man.

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