2, 4, 6, 8 who do we appreciate

Lately my day has been all about the numbers. I yell them out across the room, curse at them on my computer, and round them until they do what I need them to.

In general, I'm fairly good at numbers. During high school I excelled in calculus, trig, and geometry. I even helped some of my classmates to excel as well. In college I was ok too. My first job taught me to add quickly but precisely. 3/4 + 5/8 + 1/4 Go. My boss could spot an errant dimension within 2". It was demoralizing when he would say "This is 8 inches, its supposed to be 6"..
"No" I would childishly say "I'm fairly certain, it's 6."
"Go check it and come back."

In the world of design, I really believe a few inches can make or break the project. Several people in my office would argue otherwise. Today, someone threw down a bet that I couldn't visually mark down 25'-0". They gave me a 4 inch advantage. I measured out to 24'-6".

So here is the test. What percentage of the public can actually tell the difference? How close to 25-0" can you come?

Do 2 inches really make a difference?

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