et tu brute

It pays to work in an area with satisfactory eating establishments. Not that our office is completely in the boonies but its not exactly surrounded by high quality Zaggot's listings either. Plus, I like to walk at lunch, stretch my legs and get some un-filtered air in my lungs.

All of these things more often than not lead me to the local grocery store during my lunch break. Now I'm a pescotarian (more on this in another post) so my eating options are already limited already. You can usually find me perusing the sushi deli or the steamed entrees. One really can't go wrong with a dish of mac-n-cheese and a few edamame.

Lately I've been trying to do my stomach of a favor by going the salad route. Let me just say, I will still vote Pizza Hut 9 times out of 10 as having the best all time salad bar, but this place..needs a lesson or two in salad bar choices.

1. What is Lite Cilantro Dressing?
2. Nobody every did or does like imitation crab meat.
3. Referencing #1, 15 dressing choices does not make for quick line movement.
4. If you eat roast beef on your salad please raise your hand.
5. Last but certainly not must have tomatoes!

The only official salad that I know of made without tomatoes is Caesar. Last time I checked I wasn't in please be kind enough to stock some.

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