do you... sudoku

My Dad's family are mad game players. Anytime 2 or more of us are in a room together you can bet there is some competing going on. We have been known to pull all night monopoly competitions or all day card sessions. Dice, pool, basketball, golf, egg hunts, quarters, dominos, oh heck you could name almost anything and we have played it.

Soo.o when this weekend I heard 3 times from 3 different people, including puzzle master Will Smith, about a new game I was pleased as punch to realize I had been playing it for years. It is called sudoku and if you are logically challenged it's not for you. You can read Will's article in the ny times here.

And I'll leave you with one final thought....
If you are a Smith you are a most likely a competitor but if you are a competitor you aren't necessarily a Smith.

happy playing.

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