In search of the gold

I have decided that a gold medal would look lovely hanging around my neck. I would settle for just 1 too, no need to have a Freelandian feat. But lets face it, I currently don't have the skills to be an olympic champion in any of the events offered in the Summer Games. So..... I did some searching to see what other 'event' possibilities were out there. Below is a list of 'sports' which I believe I could definitely excel with very little training.

Extreme Ironing!
Yes, that's right... pressing taken to extreme locations and conditions! At my gold medal acceptance speech I'd need to thank my Dad for all those Bargain Barn jeans I ironed in my youth.

Cheese Rolling
What can I say? I love cheese, especially between two pieces of grilled bread.

Last but certainly not least Wife Carrying
This one would require Dave to participate to win the Gold but I have a feeling he's up for the challenge. You'll want to read through the rules on this one... quite a complicated sport. Also a video here for your viewing pleasure.

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davphed said...

what are they doing in that picture? riding bikes with pizzas?