on tape in Mexico

Day 1!
Dave and I arrived in Mexico late Saturday night and after eating an amazing dinner at Izote (I had lamb cooked in not 1 BUT 2! different kinds of banana leaves) we turned in for the night prepared to take on the city in the morning....so Sunday is where the photos start.

We started the day in the historic city center, specifically the Zocolo as it is commonly known. We wondered around a bit from there, not too far really because we couldn't find the museum we were looking for at the time. This area of the city was built atop the lake so most of the old structures are leaning right or left or even forward... think tower of Pisa meets the Vatican... really crazy. Also Sunday, we learned, was the celebration of the corn goddess (rough translation) so many families had brought their children dressed in traditional clothes (see boy with mustache) which signified the new crop coming (again rough translation).

We walked this area from 10am to around 3pm and during this time a handful of Mexican youths came up to us to practice their English. Several had specific school assignments/requirements to fill and went through a list of questions with us while proud parents video taped the whole thing:

Do you like Mexico - Yes!
Do you like Mexican food - Oh yes!
What type of Mexican food - Ferris truck stop?
The questioning went on... and on and I'm quite sure there is a classroom in Mexico laughing right now... perhaps we will even make YouTube.

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