but first... he was runnin

I'm going to follow this post with some delightful details about our Mexico city trip, but I had to share my experience from this past Saturday. Whoa was it a doozie.

Sooo.o Saturday my uncle Allan and cousin John came down from Fresno to attend the California State High School Track Meet and I happily tagged along. To quote the Los Angeles times

"In what likely will be remembered for years to come, four runners combined for the greatest distance performances in the history of the meet."
Seriously, they did! I witnessed Christine Babcock, a senior run a mile is 4:33! Jordon Hassay, a junior, run a two mile is 9:52! and then German Fernandez a senior (and the meet heartthrob) run a mile in 4:00:29 AND THEN a two mile (a mere two hours later) in 8:34...

All Spectacular! So get out there and attend some high school events.

ok i'm done.

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